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Boozy Donuts® is handmade with great attention to detail using 100% natural ingredients and bottled in small batches in Germany. The special finishing touch is given to our products by refining them with the finest Caribbean rum.

A tribute to
Captain Hanson Gregory

In the 19th century, the donut hole was invented by the American sailor Captain Hanson Gregory (*1832, †1921). A few years later, his diaries revealed that Hanson Gregory had a ritual with his crew. On their adventurous Caribbean journeys, the sailors dipped their donuts in rum. An explosion of flavor! Hanson's greatest dream was to make the combination of sweet pastry and aromatic alcohol known worldwide.Exactly 100 years later, Boozy Donuts® was created as a tribute to the fearless sailor and his dream came true.

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With our Boozy Donuts, we have created an entirely new product. Classic liqueur is outdated. We have created a liqueur that excites even those who typically don't enjoy liqueurs - the natural donut taste truly captivates everyone. Now there can only be one winner: the palate kissed by Boozy Donuts!

That's entirely up to you - there are no limits to your creativity here. We have a few suggestions for you:

Straight up on the rocks: Dessert time! 🥃 Ideal as a liquid dessert - without all the fuss. Simply pour Boozy Donuts® into a glass. Add an ice cube if desired. Your gourmet dessert has never been easier to make!

In coffee: "Boozy Coffee" ☕️ You've never enjoyed coffee like this before! Prepare your favorite coffee and add a shot of Boozy Donuts® for that extra special. Get cozy on the couch!

In ice cream: "Boozy Nicecream" 🍦 Take your ice cream to the next level with our Boozy Donuts! Place three scoops of ice cream in a bowl and pour around 50 ml of Boozy Donuts® liqueur over the ice cream. You won't be disappointed! #DonutKillMyVibe

In cocktails & long drinks: Whether in an Espresso Martini 🍸 or as a long drink with cola 🍹, the unique flavors add that special something to every drink. There are no limits to your creativity with Boozy Donuts®!"

Yes, you can also purchase our Boozy Donuts in a tasting package. Go ahead and start a cool tasting evening!

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When you buy our Flaschenpost Gin in our Boozy Donuts online shop, you support our young gin manufactory directly - without intermediaries. Especially in times of COVID-19, your order is extremely helpful for us.

Personal & reliable customer support
Since no external partner is involved, we can also guarantee you a very reliable and very personal customer support firsthand. No matter if you have a question about a product, a recipe, or an order. We are happy to help you! This is confirmed by over 150 happy customers in our online shop. We are very grateful for this. THANK YOU!

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Our shipping is very fast with the regular 1-3 business days, and even free for orders over €49. We also ship exclusively in DHL certified bottle cartons so that your liquor arrives safely without breaking during the bumpy journey to you. We can compete well with large online shops here. Especially in the current situation due to COVID-19, you might prefer to order conveniently from home.

Exclusive Products, Sets & Bundles
Special Boozy Donuts Bundles, such as our 3-pack bundles or the sampler pack, are only available for purchase online, making it as easy and straightforward as possible for you. This means you can start your boozy evening right away without having to search through various stores. Our Boozy Donuts liqueur is generally available at carefully selected specialty stores and department stores. However, we can never guarantee 100% availability of our product there. That's why we don't provide a directory of retailers on our website. It would be a shame if you went out of your way to visit a store only to find an empty shelf. That would be a sad end to your day, wouldn't it?

Unfortunately, we currently do not offer sample bottles. The sales volume is still too small to justify producing mini bottles of our product due to the high minimum order quantity. However, we do host Gin Tastings in selected cities where you can try and take home Boozy Donuts on the spot. Additionally, selected specialty stores may also offer tastings of our Boozy Donuts liqueur.

Currently, we do not offer gift vouchers. However, we have conducted some test runs in the past and are working on a way to offer gift vouchers for everyone in our shop in the future.

We import the premium rum we use to refine our Boozy Donuts from the Caribbean. Then, in Germany, we blend it with the best natural ingredients according to our own recipe to bring the unique donut taste into the bottle.

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