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Boozy Donuts® is handmade with great attention to detail using 100% natural ingredients and bottled in small batches in Germany. The special finishing touch is given to our products by refining them with the finest Caribbean rum.

A tribute to
Captain Hanson Gregory

In the 19th century, the donut hole was invented by the American sailor Captain Hanson Gregory (*1832, †1921). A few years later, his diaries revealed that Hanson Gregory had a ritual with his crew. On their adventurous Caribbean journeys, the sailors dipped their donuts in rum. An explosion of flavor! Hanson's greatest dream was to make the combination of sweet pastry and aromatic alcohol known worldwide.Exactly 100 years later, Donut Rum® was created as a tribute to the fearless sailor and his dream came true.

8 years aged
Also available as Donut Rum!

The base is an incredibly delicious Caribbean rum from the Dominican Republic, previously aged for 8 years in bourbon barrels. Therefore, this rum has the finest XO (extra old) quality. We import it from the Caribbean and blend it in Germany with the best natural ingredients using our own recipe to bring the unique donut taste into the bottle.

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